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The low-tech turbine, by Nikola Tesla who also loved cheap, and was shut down and marginalized for wanting to give the world low cost free energy, drawn from the Quantum vacuum flux in the fabric of space time, which is well proven to contain abundance of energy. But JP Morgan shut off his funding and his lab was ransacked and burn down.His turbine has been around for a while in the DIY solar community, a few high powered models have been proposed, but the big turnoff has always been the cost of building one. Here is the solution for a cheap Tesla Turbine.

Since 2014, Stefan Nyström, has been working, to redo the design, and possibly make the Tesla turbine affordable and readily DIY friendly.

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Nikola Tesla has always been a great inspiration to me, despite the fact he has invented many of the technologies behind modern life, he is still not well known to the public, and many of hes technologies, is still kept under lid, and away for use of the common man. 3 phase electric energy transfer, the modern generator, radio communications, remote control of models, all leading up to what we use today as mobile phones, electric vehicles, yes it is hard to imagine some technology that has not sprung from the works of Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla turbine, is a set of spinning disc, that rotates at high speed, and provide opportunity, to make a turbine generator for closed loop steam systems, perfect for use with solar energy systems.

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The innovation made from my part, is to make the manufacturing of the Turbine, way cheaper, since it reduces specialized machining and high grade materials for the casing.

Also i decided to integrate the generator inside the turbine itself, mainly because the discs is spinning anyway, and to have an external, generator just makes no sense when high temperature capable magnets, can be readily found on the markets.

Read up on magnets here:

Buy affordable magnets from China here:

The generator is working with 20 Bar pressure, and has vacuum at the outlet, just as proposed by Nikola Tesla.

Boiler and condenser is a stainless steel plate heat exchanger that meets the required flow rate, heat conversion, and pressure demands.

2 sets Carlson Model 7.5 ST is needed and can be found here:

Rated Heat Transfer is 109 KW/H

Its possible to build heat exchangers on your own, but not as easy to make them meet specs, and efficiency, so for a bigger solar plant energy conversion unit, professional exchangers, condensers, would be a must.

For the turbine, all materials in metal is stainless steel 316L, Discs is laser cut, and stainless steel axle is used. For bearing, high temp bearing is used at the blind side of the turbine, and on the out take side, vacuum capable bearings is used. Note that the design is not fully understood, since projects have been repeatedly stalled by investors wasting my time, and promising me the moon, therefor i have decided to let others partake, in my discoveries.

For the turbine, estimates is that the cost lands at 300 USD and capacity is +10KW Boilers and condenser not included. Still this is at least a 5 factor improvement from the 5 KW generator turbines i have seen for sale for 1500 USD and upwards.

The main importance when building this concrete enclosed generator, is that when its casted, a jig would hold the parts in place, so the are perfectly aligned. Paraffin from candles, is used to create a thin encasing on all spinning parts, to protect them from the settling concrete. Later on, when the concrete has settled, the whole assembly is heated up, so the paraffin can be let running out, and an inner clearance has been created, letting everything spin freely.

The magnets is attached to the turbine disc, and copper coils is inserted to the mold inside a thin stainless steel tube, to not let pressure out, when the turbine is operating. Stainless steel is not affected by magnetism, and should work fine, other designs is possible. My main idea was to have the coils being adjustable, to be able to adjust output of the generator at different, speeds, and loads.

This would be done to draw the coils away from the magnets, and therefore altering the magnetic flux, from the inside spinning magnets. If an automatic adjuster, for example controlled by a Raspberry PI, would monitor the turbine, it could adjust the distance from the magnets, automatically for gaining higher overall efficiency of the generator part of the Tesla turbine. However this work is not done in an afternoon, and would require a big investment.

The good thing is that if the model need to be changed, its easy to crack up the concrete, and remove the high value parts, and redo the design, with other features.

Below is a picture of the Bowl Solar collector, and a small  version of the Thermal battery, the battery design is 100 KW in this example, and is 180cm high, but in the picture buried below ground.

The Bowl Solar collector, pumps energy inside the thermal battery, which then is fed to the Carlson boiler, 20 Bar steam is produced, fed into the Tesla turbine, and at the exhaust of the turbine, another Carlson heat exchanger is used as a condenser, to collapse the steam, and driving the turbine from both ends so to speak.

Pressure at one side and sucking vacuum at the outlet, this is how Tesla designed his turbines, but i have yet not been able to see any proposed project using vacuum at the outlet, even governmental test by universities has failed to do this, and has always reported low performance for the Tesla Turbine, while not following the proposed diameters, or other specs that Tesla himself, revealed.

The discs in my generator design is 350 MM Axle is 25MM, i know its little bit oversize, but want a rigid design, built for durability over the long run.

Overview disc 350 mm number of disc is 6, for more torque additional disc can be added. The inlet pipe is interchangeable, so the nozzle can be switched for performance tests of different shapes.

Investors are needed, contact me for more information, many projects of this type and of greater magnitude is already developed. Lack of funds has stalled my projects.

As of this i release the technology for free, for anyone to use, more details can of course be added to the technologies, but for this i cannot maintain at no cost operation. So if you are prepared to add some funding in the mix many aspects of the development, manufacturing etc can be avoided. Feel free to contact me.

Energy hegemony must end, do your part. Tweet, make videos, spread the message, abundance of cheap solar is here, help it come to fruition.

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