Desertshield – Desertification and the solution.

The Savannah plants protects from  desertification.Savannah Africa

When the wind hit the plants, the winds energy dissolves in different
directions, due to turbulence.


Wind speed increases, when less obstacles is present to slow the wind speed.


Deforestation caused by man eg. making charcoal of savannah trees and bushes, invites desertification, and with no plants, the wind gain speed. Sand is picked up by the wind, and extend the desert into once arable land.


With Desertshield it is possible to restore the the desert. Desertshield solves the problem with the wind speed, and natural plants is planted along the Desertshield, so they can grow large, while getting protection and low wind speed conditions, while Desertshield is present at the location, later on, Desertshield, is moved, to press back desert further, and new plants is
planted, at the new “frontline”. Wind speed is reduced to a minimum, as soon as Desertshield is deployed.

Desertshield is a concrete construction.

one tower

Desertshield creates turbulence.


Once in place, conditions for plant life is restored. As soon as Desertshield is deployed, the natural, or even lower wind conditions is restored, sand will not form dunes, that move into the arable land. Life can grow back, as it was before the desertification, when plants come back, the water cycle from the plants will feed clouds to form, temperatures will fall due to clouds, and rain will return, once again.

Desertshield immediately starts to protect the environment, and ends and prevent desertification, as long as the Desertshield stands at the location, therefore, natural plants for the local habitat, should be planted when Desertshield is deployed, once little but when the grow larger, Desertshield can be moved and deployed elsewhere. The local population should also enroll in the plantation, quite possible “adopt” an area, to spread the knowledge of what causes the desertification.

Suns rays reflects in the sand like glass. Desertification hinders clouds to  form, by heating the altitude where they normally form due to reflection of heat by sand, which act as an mirror. this adds to the problem, because it causes droughts and plant life destruction.Image11

After the Desertshield is deployed: The color changes on the ground, reflection will be less, air heating would be lower, and planted bushes and trees can absorb the sunshine, and shadows the ground. Reflections is now different.

Natural vegetation helps this phenomena, since they are non reflective, and brings back the clouds, and rain fall to start fall again. Desertshield helps the vegetation, and therefore helps the clouds and the rain, to come back, to normal levels. Natural animals for the savannah, as well as the natural vegetation habitat, will grow back, and the process will gain speed without manual labor or effort.


Suns rays will NOT prevent clouds anymore.

Desertshield deployed in what was once desert, but now is becoming savannah, once more again.


Workforce is small. Depending on management, a workforce of 60 000
personnel, can in 10 to 15 years only, deploy and maintain the Sahara desert, and restore almost all of it, back to savannah again, this of course requires that the countries in North and Central Africa come together to solve the problem in cooperation, some with money, other with labor workforce.

several towers

There is huge amounts of water in the desert evaporating due to the high heat, and is stored nowhere due to lack of plants. With Desertshield the desert can be driven back.If no cooperation is possible, any country can resolve its own desertification problem, no matter what
other does about the problem, it becomes a matter of self help, in that case.

Given that the cost to produce 1 Desertshield construction, is far less than 1000$ us, even small countries, with small economy, can solve the problem, desertification becomes a matter of choice.
For example, the military in particular country, can build and deploy
Desertshield, since they have man staffed in numbers already. 1
Desertshield can be built  by 2 man in less than a day. Current prediction are that a number of 100 is needed per square kilometer.Therefore one two man team, can in 4 months, build and deploy Desertshield’s that solves the issues in 1 square kilometer area.

This invention is free, it was never patented, and will not be. Desertification cause poor living conditions for many that live in Africa, patenting will only add more cost to the mix. No cost or fee is attached to this  technology, its a gift to the African countries, and the rest of the world.

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