Flat Vacuum Solar

Worlds first flat vacuum solar collector.

Vacuum tubes have been around for a while, but has its issues, they break, are fairly expensive, and needs special factories to be manufactured. 2014, i came up with this new design, that can utilize the superior insulation from the vacuum, and at the same time, bring down the cost of production and ease of manufacturing as well.

One other benefit of the flat vacuum solar panel, invented by Stefan Nyström, 2014 is that it is constructed with a concrete frame, and can be very thin, thickest point only 7 cm. Weight is no more than any other type of installation and can be trimmed down to under 100Kg each.

Regular annealed glass is used, plastic or sheet metal for the bottom of the enclosure, glass and bottom of the enclosure that holds the vacuum, is molded into the concrete frame, for airtight fitting.

Inside the enclosure a regular collector with pipes circulating medium for heat exchange is fitted, and the collector have small holes spread in even pattern over the collector. This is where the secret of the flatness f the vacuum solar panel comes to play its role.

Small pins is reaching the glass at the top and meets the enclosure on the bottom, when the vacuum pressure is established, these pins will keep the glass from bulging and crack, and the force will counterbalance to the bottom enclosure. Ultrahigh vacuum is not needed depending on application for the solar panel. Partial vacuum will also be ok.

Argon gas can be let into the under pressurized chamber between the glass and enclosure plate, and pumped out to a level where the air is switched for low pressured argon instead of low pressurized air, this will make pressure force between glass and the bottom enclosure minimal, but for vacuum, will be higher insulation is very high with almost no atoms bouncing around, only the thermal radiation will be lost, which makes efficiency very high, while maintaining low manufacturing costs.

Driving mechanism can be added for extra high output to follow the sun, technologies for this achieved at low cost is developed, but will not be released right now 2017-09-05 when this article is published.

Technology is perfect for different shapes and sizes, round, square, triangular, in fact any shape and size would be allowed to be built, maintaining the idea of the concept to achieve low cost manufacturing and top of the line specs, by using regular tempered glass, in the 2×1 meter panel 4mm thick.

This 2×1 meter2 panel would produce 2 Kw of heat power per hour in European continent, in the north, up to 4,4Kw per hour in the south. Numbers varies due to location.

Cost of building the proposed panel on the picture is 190 USD only, other numbers upwards would be necessary when adding extra features like sun followers etc, but as i said those technologies is developed, but as yet not released. At this level the heat extracted in watts per dollar is 6 cent USD per watt extracted.

Cheap efficient heat extraction solar collectors can now be built as ” do it yourself” or for poor countries to develop their own solar farm for industrial use, water production etc, with readily available low tech materials as concrete glass, abs plastic or metal-sheet, copper pipes etc. Benefit if the solar collector over the voltaic panel, is that the voltaic panel will suffer deterioration from heat, as well as time, i think life span could be 60+ years for this type of panel, and they absorb more energy per spent dollar. Expanding concrete, as in none shrinking should be used to minimize stress built into the frame versus the glass.

Under development is a low cost low tech LTD Engine, that can extract for a fairly low amount of investment the solar energy generated form the vacuum panel and make electric power out of it,

this will make the combination way more cost benefactor even higher as max temp in this type of panel would be around  300C estimated maximum efficiency in electric terms around 40% Also see the thermal battery i developed 2014 for storing the daytime intake, for several days and nights at cheap cost.

The vacuum panel, thermal battery and the LTD Engine, will make a complete system that will bring down investment cost for solar electric power down to around 20% of the current cost.

Investors are needed, contact me for more information, many projects of this type and of greater magnitude is already developed. Lack of funds has stalled my projects.

As of this i release the technology for free, for anyone to use, more details can of course be added to the technologies, but for this i cannot maintain at no cost operation. So if you are prepared to add some funding in the mix many aspects of the development, manufacturing etc can be avoided. Feel free to contact me.

Energy hegemony must end, do your part. Tweet and retweet, spread the message, abundance of cheap solar is here, help it come to fruition.

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