Fukushima Nuclear ELE Solution

The Fukushima radiation leaks continue as we speak, it threatens the life on the whole planet. The molten cores is trapped in an underground stream of water, leaking out to the Pacific Ocean.

Extinction Level Event (ELE)is another name for an extinction event. And Fukushima truly is, it has released 10000 times the amount of radiation expected from a global nuclear war, into mostly the world’s oceans, which, by nuclear pundits, is expected to die in 18 years, cause this is the time it takes for all oceans to blend, so nuclear fish until then, and then, no fish at all. The ocean die off has been notably reported from North America’s coast.

2014 i come up with this possible solution, its a gigantic chamber under the broken reactors, that has its air sucked out, additional vacuum chambers is located on the sides.

Explosives are placed underground around the radioactive buildings, and well below the water table, and the now molten former reactor cores. When exploded the massive area of land will start falling down. Free debris and particles will be sucked inside the underground shaft, and additional vacuum chambers can be set to go off, to additionally suck in dust and debris.

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fukushima reactor solution png

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