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Large amounts of energy out of “thin air” With the new technology HART (High Altitude Reservoir Techniques), solar energy is stored in the air and extracted on a large scale.

To extract stored solar energy in the infinite variety:
There are up to 34 grams / m3 humidity in the air between 500 and 1500 meters altitude in the form of stored solar energy. (Humidity is because the sun through its heat radiation given evaporation of water in the air, in gaseous form) There are also condensed water in form of cloud about 4 grams / m3. This is known.

Revolutionary invention

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The new invention is a tower, in this example, 500 meters to 1000 meters high. It has 50 floors and a height difference of ten meters between floors. The depth of the floors is 100 meters and width of 4,000 meters. The HART can for example stand out in the sea one mile from land. Or on land.

On each floor there is a water spray system that sprays water at a temperature of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius from bottom to top in the floor. This cool so down the incoming air flowing into each floor.
The water stored in the cooling air at the falling out of the air and down on the floor in the form of water. We expect preliminary to extract 5 g / m3 in our example.

The incoming air, we expect a wind speed which is the same as the trade winds (it’s always in tropical climates and is about 20 km / hour and is due to Earth’s rotation). In our example, we get per day:
50,000 meters of air multiplied our height 500 meters multiplied our width of 4000 meters which gives 1,000 billion m3 per day through the tower.

Incredibly good economy

We then extract 5 grams humidity per m3 out of these 1,000 billion m3 of air, we get 58 m3/sec in the form of water that led down to a number of  turbines and generators and provides estimated 1.4 TWh.
This would provide revenue of about 43 million Us $  per year.
If we get to extract  10 grams / m3 its giving the tower 2.8 TWh and 86 million Us $ per year.

A facility of this magnitude will be an investment of projected 800 million Us Dollar . It is thus paid by forecast  for 20 years or 10 years. It provides ecologically completely clean renewable electrical energy without any negative environmental impacts. Life span would be 50 years or more.

Decommissioning of nuclear and fossil fuels are now extremely profitable.
Unlimited amounts of clean energy allows us to achieve climate goals while maintaining economic development and without large costs in converting.

Project is discontinued at the moment, however not working in its current form, the solution for these technical difficulties, is solved but not disclosed at this moment.

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HART Cycle Solar Energy Conversion

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