High Altitude Hydro Battery

As we know load on the electrical grid is different during seasons, days and morning, lunch afternoon etc. The power output in any grid network needs to be re-balanced to meet different demands, For example, when a big city wakes up, many people, will turn on their water boilers for making tea for breakfast or making porridge for a quick snack before heading for work.

The load is predicted by various means, and to meet demand, extra energy input is needed to feed the surge in usage. If not brownouts can damage the electrical grid.

Read more on brownouts and blackouts here:

As far as we can we want to stay away from nuclear or coal, gas or oil etc. Wouldn’t it be better to use stored Solar power to utilize when power surges happen?

Early mornings doesn’t offer much solar power to talk about, but some of the energy produced the day before can be saved, and used for load balancing.

There is a lot of hype about Lithium ion storage of electrical energy, but for the most cases its an unwanted, very expensive, centralized and not readily available technology, and as yet to be seen, the very first shortcut of such a battery farm, can set it on fire and the investment will go up in smoke. The inherent problem for these batteries is supposedly solved, but since the solution is most surely patented, price will reflect this.

Instead water can be pumped to high altitude in a mountain range, where some of these mountains have been conjoined to form a dam.

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The very high altitude will promise great capacity even for a smaller dam, since the elevation drop from the top surface level to the hydroelectric station placed down below in a valley, can exceed 2000 meters in many suitable locations around the world.

A solar driven high pressure pump, is under development and will be released in the near future as of this article is written 2018/07/15

Please note that the water should stored locally in a secondary lower dam to not disturb local creeks or rivers with massive detrimental flash floods. this dam will then be released slowly around the clock.

If the solar farm is close all is good, this will be the optimum, if it is far a more complex solution is needed which will not be explained right now.

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