Welcome to Circuminvent, this is the homepage for the non governmental, non profit organization  Circuminvent, Sweden.  The goal is to invent and present technical solutions, and promote innovations for energy and environmental related problems, that is faced around the world.

On the pages you will find the workings of Stefan Nyström, living in Sweden, an engineer that has worked in the environmental engineering and energy production field for +10 years. He has made many inventions, and the goal is to present them, both as free to use, and some as crowdfunding projects.

All projects will be free for individual use, and some also free for commercial production. To ensure that projects will not be stolen, some will be patented, other will just be released.

The non profit organization Circumvent, was set up, 2014 to use as a platform, to come to solution, for the worlds dire environmental, potable water and energy problems.

Proceeds from the inventions is added to development of technology and deployment of environmental projects.

Donations is most kindly accepted.

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