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Hurricanes and Typhoons can be devastating forces that wreck decades of built up infrastructure, kills thousands of people, and livestock every year. I Stefan Nyström, have been working since 2015 on a Hurricane Deflector, that can bring and end to too powerful Hurricanes to build up, and to drain them of their devastating power before they reach dangerous levels.

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Due to the very recent devastating Hurricanes #DORIAN, #IRMA, #MARIA, #JOSE and others in USA and around the world, i decided to release my innovation #HurricaneDeflector ready or not, please bear with me for crude CAD drawings since its kind of a rush job to present the idea.

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It would also be fairly inexpensive to do so, and of course, it will have no external input of power, once built, since it will be driven by nature itself.

One principle noticed, and the mechanism that makes it possible to alter the strength of the Hurricane is the fact that warm water is building the power of the Hurricane or Typhoon, which is the Asian name for the same. The Hurricane Deflector, or Typhoon Deflector as it well might be called, takes advantage of the mechanics of just how the power of the weather phenomena is built up.

When it is formed, warm ocean water, keeps powering the storm, and energy increases, huge amount of water is pumped up, and the rainfall from these beasts, cause flooding and loss of livestock, human life, loss of property, landslides and other kinds of devastating effects, roads is washed away, mountainsides can come sliding down, as we have seen happening many times, over the years.

When the Hurricane/Typhoon leaves the ocean and comes in over dry land, it loses its energy swiftly, the top soil, cant provide the huge amount of energy that keeps the momentum building up, and depending on the original strength of the weather phenomena, it fizzles out fairly fast compared to its activity over open ocean.

The technology

The Deflector is a floating pump station situated at strategic locations in the deep ocean, it has a long 1,5m hose running to deep waters below it. The topside platform for solar production has a side of 27M to give somewhat idea of the scale. The total area for Solar collectors of the Bowl Solar type is 400M2

The platform floats on big pressurized air tanks, which is filled by collecting Solar energy, slowly over weeks of calm weather. The Solar farm is placed on top, and has a peak power performance in the tropics at  560 Kw, or 0,5 Megawatt as we can say also.

The deck under the Solar deck is used for compressors turbines, communication and control units, and gear and tools for maintenance.

This incoming energy will be converted to steam, for driving Tesla turbines, which will drive a set of compressors, which can also be Tesla turbines, since a Tesla turbine, works both as a Compressor, or a Turbine.

The compressed air is stored at high pressure, in the tank, to work as a battery, to have the collected energy for use later, when the Hurricane deflector is needed to deflect away power from an incoming presumable, deadly Hurricane/Typhoon.

At the surface it can be 28C warm water, and this is what fuels the building up of ever increasing power of the weather system. However, the deeper down in the ocean you go, you will have lower temperature, as an effect of the depth, cold water is more dense, and cant be reached by incoming sunlight to heat up, sits trapped down deep, unless forced to the surface, by strong ocean currents.

When a Hurricane s building up, the hose is lowered down in the deeper water masses, a hose in the end of the hose, will start releasing air, that will rise inside the the pipe, the expanding bubbles of air, will drag water along with it towards the surface, After the operation the hose is rolled up on a drum for later use. This can be remote controlled by satellite communication over radio transmission as in satellite phone transfer of data.

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This means that immense amounts if cold water at 1000m depth down to about 4C is forced to mix with the warm surface water, and will make the critical temperature to be able to feed the weather, negative, instead it will dissipate, and feed from the storm, just as the storm dies out over dry land, this can now happen, before it reaches the shoreline, and the Hurricane/Typhoons devastating power is deflected, right down in the ocean, where the energy came from in the first place.

One benefit of pumping the colder water up, is it contains lots of nutrients, and will provide algae for fish to eat and will boost fish growth in otherwise nutrient deficient water, the platform itself will provide as a natural habitat, for small fish, and the compressed air can be used at other seasons to pump up water for increasing fish populations for human use, all solar driven, and at low to no cost at all, compared to the benefit, sales of fish.

One platform will cost up to 2 million dollars to build, but is long lasting, a string of platforms is placed at distance from each other, this means a large area can be altered temperature wise, when a weather system is growing to strong. Since the cost of damage, is easily counted in the Billions of US Dollars, one can easily see that if 200 Hurricane deflectors would cost 400 Million USD, the cost benefit is gained back at the first event it can deflect, a Hurricane/Typhoon.

If several systems of bad weather is lined up, the platform might not have time to recharge from the sun, in that case, ships could go out and recharge the compressed air tanks, with power from their main engines/help engine systems.

Wave Reaper ocean wave generation extraction of huge amounts of energy could as well be used, but will be much more technical and risky to use instead of solar, which is present as its the cause of the heating  of the water in the first place.

Investors are needed, contact me for more information, many projects of this type and of greater magnitude is already developed. Lack of funds has stalled my projects.

As of this i release the technology for free, for anyone to use, more details can of course be added to the technologies, but for this i cannot maintain at no cost operation. So if you are prepared to add some funding in the mix many aspects of the development, manufacturing etc can be avoided. Feel free to contact me.

Energy hegemony must end, do your part. Tweet, make videos, spread the message, abundance of cheap energy is here, help it come to fruition.

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