Low Cost thermal Battery

Solar energy needs to be stored to use the energy at night time, at power peaks etc. The Low cost Thermal battery, invented by Stefan Nyström, uses Granite Concrete and vacuum, to store any amount of heat for a low cost.

Cells made of concrete, filled with semi hollow granite stones just piled randomly can store huge amount of energy. The more the temperature, the granite can store more energy. Granite is a cheap material and the most abundant stone in the world. The pictured  72 Cell battery stores 700KW worth of energy, and can store even more up 1,4 MW of heat, for low cost around 10 000 USD mega big batteries can be built evening out power peaks, for whole cities, as the battery is up to 33 times cheaper than any lithium battery that stores electricity as using high tech expensive materials, its simply better to store it as heat, as this can be done more affordable.

The picture is made so the interior can be easily seen, in reality its a fully enclosed concrete construction, with all air sucked out to create cheap, high performance insulation. the cells is stacked closed and warped in tin foil to not spread around ultraviolet radiation to each other to much.

Regular LPG gas canisters can be used as molds, firstly granite is molded together with paraffin, to hold it together, secondly this molded granite is enclosed in an outer casing of concrete, to protect it from the surrounding vacuum that will bring cheap insulation to the mix.  These cylinders when the concrete has settled, could be heated slightly end let the now melted paraffin out by the in and outlet tubing for the battery cell.

This will create a semi filled enclosure where you can circulate high grade oil, that can transfer heat from panels at temperatures up to 230 C, later the stored energy can drive heat engines, turbines, or just simply used as steam for cooking, water production, process heating etc, whatever is needed,  Contact me for more specifics, if you want to avoid extra development costs, fees will apply, investors needed. Technology is free for use. If circulated gases are used, like  compressed air at 10 Bar 600C will raise storage capacity to 3,5 Megawatt of energy at cost 10 000 USD.

Invention rose from the idea of underground refilling of heat pump boreholes, that under the summer is injected with “new” heat from solar collectors to be used under the winter, but the heat dissipates everywhere this way, and cannot be used for hot water production etc. Its better to sell solar energy when maximum produced, to buy back from other source when low intake of solar energy. This type of battery will provide heat during night, hot water when needed, aswell as electrical energy for cooking, television etc at will.

Total weight for this battery 700 KW up to 3,5 Megawatt is 13 tons metric. The brunt is concrete and granite.  Total volume of high grade heat resistant oil is 250 Liter, but cheaper and better is to replace with 10 bar compressed air, as it has same heat transfer capabilities.

Instead of buying solar voltaic at ridiculous cost as well as lithium battery that cannot provide heating, hot water, this type of solar system combined with the flat vacuum solar collector,  this technology can store any amount need for pennies on the dollar compared, also construction, is low tech and suitable for developing countries. Do it yourself readily and easily done, future plan is to get a detailed construction manual to production.

Think about this, if you build a new house for this, make plans to contain the bulk of the battery inside the outer walls of the building, but yet again inside its own enclosure, this way any energy leakage from the batter, will remain heating your house, this will be taken care of to circulate air inside the inner enclosure encapsulation the thermal mass inside your battery.

When of course in the summer, you don’t want this to happen, because you like a cool house during the summer, here comes the benefit, you will in the summer re rout the air circulation, to divert the lost heat outside the house, and once the outer temperature is lower than the desired temperature, you switch back and let the energy leakage add to the heat inside of the house.

In winter the lower temperature difference will lead to lower energy leakage, since its enclosed in the house that retain some of the leaked energy.

Investors are needed, contact me for more information, many projects of this type and of greater magnitude is already developed. Lack of funds has stalled my projects.

Energy hegemony must end, do your part. Tweet and retweet, spread the message, abundance of cheap solar is here, help it come to fruition.

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